Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Aren’t Greyhounds High Strung and Bad Tempered?
A: Nothing could be further from the truth! Geyhounds are intelligent, calm, loving animals that greatly enjoy the attention of people. Many vets point out that they are one of the best-natured breeds. At the track, greyhounds are anxious to race, which is why they may seem so hyper.
Q: Are Greyhounds Good Watchdogs?
A: Greyhounds are excellent watchdogs; they watch everything, though they don’t always protect it!
Q: Are Greyhounds Good With Children and Other Pets?
A: Greyhounds are patient, but sensitive, and you should take special care to avoid any accidental injuries to the dog or child, especially if you have young children at home. Greyhounds live with dogs their whole lives, and usually adapt well to other pets.
Q: Don’t Greyhounds Need a Lot of Room to Exercise?
A: No more than a dog of similar size. Many live happy lives with only a small yard and/or occasional walks on a leash. A fenced yard is definitely preferred, though in certain cases dogs are available to homes with leash exercise only. Never let your dog loose, however, for their extreme speed and lack of knowledge about cars can get them into trouble.
Q: Where should Greyhounds Live?
A: Greyhounds are not suited for outdoor living, and should definitely be kept in a heated and air-conditioned home. When not on the track, greyhounds are couch potatoes, and it is easiest for them to cope with their new environment if they have a place to call their own.
Q: How does a Greyhound Become a Pet?
A: Some of our greyhounds have completed their racing careers, and were not chosen to be bred or returned to their owners. Others may have minor injuries or racing habits that keep them from competition. Most of the dogs are between 2 and 5 years old. Though our greyhounds have good kennel manners, they are unfamiliar with many household items, such as stairs of TVs.
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